Numerous recent studies have pinpointed certain anomalies in patients with skin depigmentation.

In patients with vitiligo, it has been shown that a deficiency in catalase, vitamins and minerals is one of the causes of oxidative stress.(7) (12).

Oxidative stress damages the melanocyte membranes, the cells which are essential for skin pigmentation (6).

Cell damage in patients with vitiligo

cura vitiligo
Cell damage in vitiligo patients (red) and control subjects (blue) exposed to an increasing concentration of H2O2 (from 1-100 mM). Oxidative stress level and tyrosinase activity in vitiligo patients(8)

Restoring the physiological conditions for pigmentation

It has been shown that pseudocatalase, vitamin E, copper, zinc help to protect cells from oxidative stress and hence damage to the melanocytes which are responsible for skin pigmentation.


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